Sarasota, FL
Sarasota, FL
Sarasota, FL

What is a Full Body Scan?

Posted on: April 15, 2019

At Body Balance System, every patient has different goals and different needs. But everyone needs a starting point. That’s what we provide with a 3D full-body scan.

What is a 3D full body scan?

Utilizing a circular series of cameras, our 3D body scanner provides a head-to-toe image of the patient in three dimensions. For body contouring, this is important both for the patient and for Body Balance System, as together we can work on areas you want to target with our body contouring procedures and nutrition counseling.

The 3D is completely non-invasive and doesn’t use x-ray technology, so the patient doesn’t receive unwanted radiation. The full scan takes just 60 seconds.

How does it work?

At Body Balance System, we use a 3D scanning booth. The patient simply stands in the center of the booth and a series of cameras take simultaneous images of the patient from the entire 360-degree circle.

These images are then sent to the computer, which uses an algorithm to stitch the photos together, converting two-dimensional images into a 3D model of the patient. These 3D images can be used to compare before and after progress for the patient.

More information

At Body Balance System, our 3D scans aren’t simply creating images. We also provide other useful measurements to help the patient along their path to slimmer contours and better health. Our scans measure body composition (fat and muscle percentages), posture analysis, and body shape metrics.

Are you serious about wanting to change your shape? Call us at Body Balance System, (941) 529-0888 to set up a consultation. 

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