Sarasota, FL
Sarasota, FL
Sarasota, FL

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Goal Setting Consultation

At Body Balance System, we acknowledge that everyone is on a different path towards personal wellness, and therefore we developed a solution based on each individual.  The goal setting consultation is the first step in each client’s journey, allowing our trained staff to understand expectations and optimal outcomes.  Every client will be provided with a FULL BODY 3D scan that will extract, hands-free no less; exact measurements, shape, body composition and other relevant insights as a starting point of reference.  Once you have completed the 60 second scan a trained staffer will discuss with you your goals and how quickly you can achieve them based on your scan.


LED Light Treatments

Our signature technology, the Body Balance System Ultimate Zero Gravity Bed is a truly, non-invasive procedure, lasting just 20 minutes.  The bed features Red and InfraRed LED lights, that cover the entire body from head to toe.  The LED lights penetrates the skin, targeting the subcutaneous fat cells.   The light then activates the mitochondria to open up tiny pores of the cell(s), releasing fat and cellular waste, which is eliminated into the interstitial fluid or lymph for processing through bodily waste and sweat.

Transformational Guided Imagery

Transformational Guided Imagery is a complementary service provided during the detoxification protocol.  This service utilizes LED blue light glasses and stereo headphones that offer soothing, affirmative messages with binaural beats to support subconscious thoughts.

Ionic Detoxification Footbath

An Ionic detoxification foot bath is offered as an optional service, and is an essential component to the removal of toxins and fat from the lymphatic system.   This 30 minute relaxing treatment not only assists the body in the detoxification process, but it also increases the pH of the lymph so that the body moves into a healthier, alkaline state.  




Body Contouring

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LED Light Treatment

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